Traveling on Southwest Airlines to the East Coast Worship Summit


This week I have the extraordinary pleasure of speaking at the East Coast Worship Summit in Pennsylvania. I’ll write more on that as the week goes on.

I flew Southwest Airlines today from Nashville to Philadelphia and I must say, compared to other airlines, Southwest is a real winner. It’s no wonder that companies like Apple and Southwest continue to grow profitable businesses in not only highly competitive markets, but also bleak ones (imagine starting an airline or computer/technology hardware company in today’s environment). Their formula is simple – they love their customers and they both continue to deliver their promises on a consistent basis.

Let’s face it, Southwest is no frills. It’s the same plane, the same seats and they are packed. However, our flight crew was so good, so friendly, so helpful and so excited to be there it was infectious. I sat next to an employee of a local hotel and he and I marveled at the flight attendant’s attitude. Contrast these comments with other airline experiences you’ve had. There’s a difference.

I can only hope that I can learn from these companies and run my business with the same love of customers and devotion to delivering on our promises. I’d really enjoy hearing how you do this in your business.

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2 Responses to “Traveling on Southwest Airlines to the East Coast Worship Summit”

  1. SWA Flight Attendant says:

    Hello Wayne,
    Thanks for the wonderful post on your blog! I am glad that your trip with us was a wonderful trip! You are right, as a flight attendant, we do LUV what we do. That is serve our customer such as yourself.
    As you said, it is a simple formula. It is what we call living the Southwest way!
    Thanks for your business!

  2. I appreciate your kind words and I really feel your company has nailed it.
    I was on a flight yesterday that was delayed over 2 hours. Let me give you some context – I have almost 1.5 million miles with American and almost 1 million with Northwest. Ok, now we’ve been delayed over 2 hours. Your gate personnel were fabulous. The boarding person (there must be an official name) told us exactly what to do and he did it well. When we got on the plane, the flight attendants, who also suffered in the delay, were just awesome – smiling, joking and serving. There were no long faces, not one. They created a good, solid environment and nobody, that’s right, nobody complained about the delay.
    What a difference.
    You are winning a fan.

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