Unconditional, Positive Regard for People


I have been fortunate to be part of some very good teams. One of the things I realize is that the leaders of those teams have such an unconditional and positive regard for the people on their team. I’d suggest this is something very important to the health and growth of all our teams.


Most often this positive regard manifests itself in three ways:

First, the great team leaders totally understand and appreciate their individual team member’s temperament and their individual strengths. They know where to put people to maximize both. I highly recommend, if you don’t know your team this well or if you struggle with it, that you consider using some available tools to get to the point where you can know, act on the information and help your team members succeed. I’ve found the Meyers-Briggs Temperament Indicator and, more recently, Marcus Buckingham’s StrengthFinder to be tremendously useful tools. Bottom line team members are energized when they are put in their areas of strength and when you lead them with knowledge and appreciation for who they are (how they are individually wired).

Second, the great leaders I’ve worked for have an understanding, appreciation and also take full advantage of diversity. The different strength sets and the different temperaments of each team member can easily add up to a tremendously diverse and effective team. Leaders use this diversity to gather information from the various perspectives and ultimately make quality (as opposed to fast, poor, or one-sided) decisions and move the unit or company to growth, and opportunity. Poor team leaders usually expect everyone to react out of the same (if not their) frame of reference. They fight the individual diversity and often put people into pre-defined boxes or don’t let them fully express themselves. It’s too bad as they lose so much input and opinions from differing points of view.

Last, it’s truly unconditional. Great leaders don’t put up barriers to the diversity of their people. They accept people for who they are and for the strengths they have. They purposely find the right place for people and they hire people based, not on a glib interview, but on the strength set and temperament required for the open position.

I’m curios to know how you develop unconditional and positive regard for your people?


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  1. Ron Potter says:

    Wayne, I have recently been working on the concept of the Prudent leader. The word Pruedntia means The Perfected Ability to Make Right Decisions. I can’t think of a better description of a leaders job. I’ve broken down the concepts of prudence into the “3-D’s”: Deliberate, Decide, Do. Understanding and taking full advantage of the diversity of a team is essential for honest and complete deliberation. Making right decisions requires great deliberation.
    Your writing partner, Ron Potter

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