Why Can’t We Work Together?


Nothing breaks down the cohesiveness of an organization more than friction and divisiveness within a leadership team.

Factors that are closely linked with financial performance are good integration and coordination of teams throughout an organization. By not building strong team bonds, organizations and leaders are bypassing one of the best finance-generating aspects of corporate culture.

My friend and colleague Ron Potter (a former civil engineer) is very familiar with how concrete blocks stand up to pressure. He points out, “At some point when the pressure gets to be too great, the concrete block crumbles into pieces. It granulates. But if you reinforce the concrete by crisscrossing it with reinforced rods, it can handle much higher pressures and remain in tact.” Team building adds the reinforcing rod to teams. Friction and divisiveness serve only to granulize them.

  • Do you believe that competition on our team is good? Will it let the cream rise to the top? Why?
  • How does helping your team develop a collaborative approach to incorporate their strong drives and opinions bring out the best in all team members?
  • When you develop teams, one place to start the process is to think and talk in terms of our goals. It’s not about your goals; it is about the shared goals of the team. One exercise may be to audit your language. Have someone take notes in a meeting and monitor how many times you say, “I,” as opposed to “we.” It’s a fact, poor leaders use I more often than we.

How do  you overcome friction and divisiveness? How do you reinforce the value of your team?


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