Why I Bought a New iPad


I know, I admit it, I’ve drank the Kool-Aid. So, while I try hard not to be prejudice—the fact is, I am an Apple brand lover and so it’s with that caveat that I write this post.

I had an iPad 1. I bought it right after it was released. I loved it, but it was full and I not only needed more room, it was slow (more on that later).

I pre-ordered my new iPad (version 3) and received it on Friday. So far, it’s fabulous. Here’s why:

  • Retina Display. Goodness it’s sharp and treats the eye very well. I do a lot of reading in several apps and all of them show improved “readability.” Photos and video are incredible. A definite upgrade.
  • Speed. Again, my goodness. I thought my older iPad was simply suffering from lousy wireless or 3G connections. In reality it must have been suffering from the age of the processor. The iPad 3 screams. Everything I’ve loaded has come up quickly and in fact, it’s so quick, I’m startled by the speed. I read The Daily and it loads quickly and looks great. I almost gave this news app up because it was so slow loading on my old model. No worries now.
  • Battery life. While I never complained about my iPad 1 and battery life, this new one is insane. I have not charged it since Friday (it’s Monday) and I’ve used it a lot. I do a lot of writing on my iPad and yesterday I was writing for over three hours and the battery barely went down. The difference is truly amazing.

OK, some things that are just average:

  • Smart Cover. It’s nice, but not all that great. In my mind, the older iPad 1 cover from Apple was better at protecting the unit and providing a slant for writing. One thing that is nice is the auto off. Many apps don’t always shut off the screen.
  • Pages. I’m still not thrilled with the document handling in this program. I wish I could more easily export modified documents to iCloud or Dropbox (my preference). IF it would seamlessly integrate like it does on my MacBook, I would use it more.

Overall, if you have an iPad 1, I’d suggest you upgrade. It’s incredible what a difference two years makes. If you own and iPad 2, I’d do some side-by-side looks at similar apps, etc.


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  1. I bought one too. Love it!

    Check out ByWord for Mac and iPad. It is a GREAT minimalist writing tool. It syncs using iCloud. You can edit the same documents on both. Highly recommended!

  2. Wayne says:

    Mike, it’s good hearing from you. THANKS for the tip. I’ve tried some other writing apps and not found one that I like, so your recommendation means a lot to me.

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