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  • Author Information Brochure Need help with your book? We are here to help. With a complete list of services, The Wayne Hastings Co. is ready to serve your needs from developing and writing to marketing and selling your book. This prospectus of services outlines the many ways we can come alongside you and help you create and market a remarkable book.
  • Values ExerciseAlignment of mission and purpose often starts with knowing and understanding core values. This is an incredible tool for leaders or anyone who wants to understand alignment of values within an organization or a relationship. It’s easy. Simply choose your top five (yes only five) values from the list. Hold on to that information and keep it to yourself. At a team meeting, distribute The Values Exercise to team members and ask each one to (and sometimes it’s best anonymously) choose their top five. Collect them and combine them. From this, you’ll have an overview of what your team values. Now compare it to your top five. Do they match? You can then pull the team together and show them the scores and begin dialog on how to achieve better alignment.
  • Change Spiral — This slide graphically shows the progression of change over time, plus how Executives are often far ahead of the “change curve.” The right axis shows the steps most people go through during change. The spiral lines show how the rate of climb and that the Executives have an advantage and are many times at another level of change. This picture dramatically shows why communication is so key during change — not just with peers, but throughout the organization.
  • Core Quality — Team leaders know that effective and productive people are focused on their strengths or Core Qualities. This team exercise helps people identify those strengths, the challenges they may face as well as constructive ways to stay in their Core Qualities. The goal of the team in helping each other is to help everyone stay in their Core Quality, bouncing between their Core Quality and their Challenge rather than falling into the negative balance of bouncing between their Pitfall and their Reaction.
  • Awareness ExerciseAll relationships are complex. Team members can see each other as: Ethical, Unethical, Qualified and Unqualified. This exercise allows you team to peak into the activity of another team. It’s purpose is discussion and creating team trust. The discussion questions could lead to healthy discussion about your own team and how they view each other.
  • Guiding PrinciplesWhat principles guide your business? Your personal life and character? This is a unique look at Matthew 5:1-12. The diagram maps out the Beatitudes and adds their work meaning and how they relate to the classic book, In Search of Excellence by Peters and Waterman. It also shows the other side, the opposite behaviors that keep leaders from growing spiritually.
  • Translation Guide — This is an overview of all major Bible translations.
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