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Shopping takes time and let's fact it, who has time? You are right, nobody has the time, energy or patience to go shopping. I can remember hearing stories from a friend. Her mother took her shopping in the mid 1950s. It was an event. They dressed up (even wore gloves and they weren't for warmth), they took all day. They had lunch at the department store restaurant and they came home with wrapped bundles of packages. Not many people have time for that kind of experience today. Even the greatest gatherers are in, out and away like Santa Claus up the chimney. Whoosh..

One way for retailers can help harried and time-strapped customers is to create memories in the store through display, merchandising, design and hospitality.

For example, retailers can increase the likelihood of helping their customers memory (and creating some nice memories at the same time)  by emphasizing unique product qualities that have personal significance for the customers. For example, an catalog ad or other media can have content that surrounds the promoted item (or items) with a certain feeling or mood. If this happens the retailer can reinstate that same frame of mind by creating store environments consistent with that feeling.

For example, if the retailer is promoting books about traveling to Italy and the messages they send customers have a background of Italian architecture and culture, the corresponding in-store and on-line displays should carry forward that theme instead of just being put out on a table website or end cap. The customer will remember the product as well as the experience. Take this a step further and work with a local pizzeria and offer free pizza coupons along with a purchase. Creating memory and creating memories will put you significantly ahead of those retailers whose only focus is price or cattle herding customers through the point of purchase.

Regardless of what you do, remember the customer has no time and a simple memory you can create for them will go a long way to help them remember to come back to your store instead of some other place.


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  1. Jim Seybert says:

    Yes – I am more likely to come back and shop at stores that connect with me on an emotional level – smell, sound, touch. The pizza coupon idea would help the customer remember the shopping experience when they’re eating the pie – added bonus.

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