Myth of Soccer Mom a Real Hit!


Below is a portion of a review I wrote for the Evangelical Christian Publisher’s Association’s E-newsletter on “The Soccer Mom Myth” (Michele Miller, Holly Buchanan). Bottom line, the book is extraordinary and I highly recommend it.

It’s incredible to think that for all the investment we make in marketing seventy percent of all women say marketing doesn’t speak to them. We spend a lot of money trying to communicate to our customers but unfortunately it’s falling on deaf ears.

According to Michele Miller and Holly Buchanan in their new book, The Soccer Mom Myth, we’ve not understood how to communicate with women and we’ve wasted “billions of dollars of advertising” aimed at them.

In the book, which I highly recommend for anyone in marketing and publishing, Miller and Buchanan help us break down typical stereotypes and help us understand “personas” and the different segments of the female audience. They help us understand that women are not a niche but a powerful customer base that are the majority of purchasers, even in male dominated categories. For example, did you know that “women are responsible for more than 50% of all do-it-yourself purchases, 51% of consumer electronics, 89% of bank accounts and 80% of healthcare decisions?” Not to mention our own Thomas Nelson research that shows that 75% of all Bible purchasers are women. Bottom line, 51% of the population controls 80% of all purchasing decisions.

What the book helps us all to do is go beyond the stereotypes we created for the woman customer and finding ways to truly understand who they are and what they want. Through insightful examples and excellent research, the authors help us to break through the old molds and understand the power of marketing to women as individuals.

Enjoy reading this book. It will most likely change the way you market to probably your most important customer.

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2 Responses to “Myth of Soccer Mom a Real Hit!”

  1. Wow, interesting observations! We authors often talk about how women buy most of the books, but I hadn’t realize it was so skewed on EVERYTHING. Good food for thought. Thanks!

  2. Pete Wilson says:

    Thanks Wayne. I need to pick the book up. We need to do better at marketing our series to reach women in our community.

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