A Day with Artist Corinne Hartley


We had an extraordinary experience today. A few days ago an owner of one of the art galleries we visited made it possible for us to meet local artist Corrine Hartley. From her bio: “Hartley studied at the Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles and the Pasadena School of Fine Arts. For thirty years she was a commercial fashion illustrator for department stores in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. She has been a professional painter for 40+ years and a painting teacher for 30 years.”

Besides painting, Corinne Hartley has created over 30 bronze sculptures, and her prints and cards have been published and distributed throughout the world.

We had a delightful afternoon. Corinne was teaching three students and we got to not only observe her patient approach to art, but also tour her home which is full of both her sculpting and paintings (as well as some of her favorite pieces from other artists). She is a wonderfully talented lady who warmly welcomed us into her home and made us feel like life-long friends.

Have you had a similar experience? Out of the blue you get blessed beyond what you could see or think you could see or do? Why don’t you take a minute and share your surprise experience with me?

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5 Responses to “A Day with Artist Corinne Hartley”

  1. Diane Weir says:

    Corinne is a wonderful artist. He paintings have such dimensions. I bought several of her oil on canvas when she owned the Milk Company in Venice, California. When I divorced all I wanted was her paintings. They are now on my wall in Negril, Jamaica where I live 6 months out of the year.
    Diane Tekeyan Weir

  2. Diane Weir says:

    Corinne, we bought your
    Spring Brain water color. That was our first purchae in the Marina. I have one of your big oil on canvass, it looks like your daughter and your grandson on her lap, there’s a Mexican lady in the background – the colors are still good. It could use a cleaning. I think lineseed oil is what works. Glad to see you are still doing wonderful work. I used to go in and buy from you all the time at the Milk Company.
    Best wishes – diane Weir
    I should take a picture of the paintings and remind you as you have painted so many. I’m sure you remember all your work as that’s the space you are in at the time and no one forgets that. Diane

  3. Ellen Doane says:

    I am a collector and still enjoy my paintings as much now as the day that I bought them. They make me happy. Thank you.

  4. Thank you for your comment and Im sure you enjoy your collection. Shes a special person, no doubt.
    Wayne Hastings
    The Wayne Hastings Company, LLC

  5. faisal bava says:

    Corinne Hartley’s paintings are very relevant on Children’s Day. The main subjects of his paintings were women and children. Children’s life, childhood, play and sorrows were imprinted on that canvas. Colors of children’s lives.

    faisal bava
    email: faisalbava75@gmail.com

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