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Laguna Beach has always been a favorite spot of ours. Maybe it’s because I spent so much time there as a kid; maybe it’s because it’s where I learned to body surf, snorkel and scuba dive. Maybe it’s memories of cruisiin’ PCH, or perhaps the many times Pam and I have visited as a couple. For whatever reason, we both always like to spend time in Laguna.

Laguna Beach is also an extremely eclectic community. It is the center for the Southern California art scene and has a terrific art festival and literally hundreds of small and absolutely wonderful art galleries.

We spent all day yesterday exploring these art galleries and two really were superb.

The Redfern Gallery features works by historical California impressionists. We simply were amazed at the quality of the works and the subtle details. It was a truly inspirational place to spend some time.

The Watercolor Gallery has over 300 stunning watercolors from local artists. Dianna Sipple and Bill Drysdale were unique and the other artists presented some pieces that were breathtaking.

Yesterday and the glorious art was so motivating that Pam spent all evening sketching.

So, what motivates you to do something creative? A walk in the woods? Being near water? Being alone and without the kids? Tell me.

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  1. Pete Wilson says:

    Taking a hike in the woods is always an inspiring thing for me. And really anything near a body of moving water bring out my creativity.

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